Josie's Well

Clean Water for Africa
Josie’s Well is a charity that raises money

to build wells in Ghana.

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Getting Involved

It’s more than just water…

We’re saving lives.

Why Ghana?

We are making a difference for Ghana. Many young girls and women in Ghana aren’t able get an education because they spend their days walking miles and miles getting water for their families, and the water is contaminated. They spend their days laboring over the very thing that can harm them and their families.

What it Takes just to have Clean Water, and How you can Help

Josie started her charity, Josie’s Well, at the age of seven, with $30 she earned at a lemonade stand. When she learned that building a well would cost $10,000, she said, “I can do that.” Over the last four years, she has received donations and pledges totaling over $70,000, nearly enough to build wells for her goal of a dozen villages, and is planning a giving trip to Ghana next summer when her wells will be built. Josie wants to inspire more kids to make a difference in the world, through her own charitable efforts and the message “It’s amazing the difference we can make together.”

What Drives Us

Josie’s Mission

Josie is an 11-year-old on a mission to change the face of the planet. Donate now and join her in making a difference in the world!